Melbourne, 8 April 2020, 6:45 pm

Parent Information Night

For the past year in 2010, Melissa has run parent information evenings and holiday programs focusing on building social and emotional well-being in young people, under our community education umbrella, Sh@re Community Campus. Melissa is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about her area of expertise, and speaking with parents after some of these sessions it is clear that Melissa is truly making a difference in the lives of so many people. If you have not taken the opportunity to attend one of Melissa’s engaging parent information evenings I would strongly recommend that you do.

John Phillips, Director of Community Education, Brighton Grammar School and Firbank Grammar School



I got so much from your talk for my son and myself. Hearing you speak has really put a lot of my own experience in perspective and I am now better equipped to move forward. Bullying treatment is not exclusive to children. As an adult I have experience this myself. I have additional tools and a more thorough understanding to be able to assist my son in his school experience and in life in general.

Donna Unsgaard Mann, mother of Jeremy Mann, age 9, Sandringham East Primary School



Thank you so much for your informative and thought-provoking session at Girrawheen. I have three children under 10, all with different personalities and I was able to gain pointers from your presentation that can be applied to how I parent each one of them. I will definitely be more mindful of the behaviours I myself display and the impact this has on my children's learning of how to cultivate resilience.

Graham O'Donnell



It was a delight to hear you present this evening. Thank you for your inspiring knowledge and the way in which it was imparted.

Marina Delagnes, mother of a daughter, aged 15



Thank you again for such a great and informative evening. We all walked away with so much

Sandra and Vickie, friends, both mums



Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar last night to "How to raise a resilient Child?" - it was enjoyable, enlightening, informative and inspirational. I felt both reassured in some areas, and motivated to improve in other areas, but most of all I gained so much knowledge on the topic, which I hope to put to good use in our family. I will certainly be keen to attend any future seminars you might run, and also for my daughters to attend Shine Academy in the future. Many thanks.

Cate Barlow, mother of four



Hi Melissa

I want to congratulate you on your speech today. I ENJOYED IT was fantastic !!!! Your domination of the crowd's attention was remarkable, you were also very eloquent. Even though is was 1 1/2 hours it doesn't drop your attention away for one bit, it was extremely professional.

Every point was very well explained but short and very direct (Nice also to see some humour on it) and the well thought out 2 minute break was a winner to me.

I'm very happy that Isabel is sharing this journey with you; I wish I had that opportunity when I was little.

I think the world need more people like you... MANY MANY MANY MORE...... should we start a campaign???

Again I truly enjoy seeing my little one growing in Shine, we are not a rich family but I paid your classes with all my happiness, I think spending money like this is worth every minute of my work...!! I wish all money I spend in Issi were so well spent...
And finally I hope one day I have such a clarity like you have to raise my kids, motherhood is a very scary journey.... you always are questioning yourself if what you doing is good...
thanks again... you have made Isabel journey and mine (I'm talking about me here) much more enjoyable...

Maria Caputi, mother of Isabel, 7, Brighton Primary School



Dear Melissa
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your presentation last night.  I am an extremely harsh judge of such presentations having been a drama teacher, and been exposed to 100’s of presentations over the years.   Last night was magical.  Your sense of timing, presence, tone, audience control and depth of content was superb.

PS: I even used the 3 Ps last night with my 21-year-old daughter (but didn’t let her know I’d just learnt them half an hour previously!)

Natalie van Wetering, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, Brighton Grammar School




Dear Melissa,
Many thanks for your talk last night on how to raise a resilient child. You are an excellent and captivating presenter. Your passion to make a difference to the lives of the young emerged strongly through your presentation. The growing frequency of depression as indicated in part by the increasing rates of use of depressive medication you have observed correlates well with what I have read.  Your impressive CV as well, made particularly striking to me by your achievements in Opera, spoke to me of someone of resilience, determination and capability, of someone who has engaged fully with life and people through your life to gain such a record of achievement and thus likely to be well qualified to teach others how to do the same.
I think it is just wonderful that someone of your drive and talent is so committed, I can see, by your course offerings, to taking on this role of social and emotional education that I agree is so important to the future or all our kids and to our society in general.    
I went along to your talk for two reasons: firstly I agree that the task is so important to the future of our society and I am looking for ways in which I can maybe help promote its importance; secondly I have just joined the P&F of Mentone Girls Secondary (my 12yo daughter has just commenced year 7 there) and I wanted to see if you were someone I could recommend to them as a potential presenter – which I will do.

Alan Kirby, parent at Mentone Girls Secondary School




Thank you for a very informative and rich evening.  It was terrific to hear information drawn succinctly from neuroscience and research in positive psychology on resilience that can easily be taken up and applied by parents.  

Janice Maclaren



Hi Melissa,
Your presentation on wed night was outstanding. I was disappointed that I didn't bring some of my friends with me. I also think it would have been beneficial for my husband and children to have been there as well. I will definitely be coming to the June one on bullying and I'm just wondering, as I didn't see many other children there, is it ok for me to bring them along with me?
It was very affirming and it made for great conversion with my family the next day and for many more days I'm sure. I took away some good tips as well as the knowledge that I'm on the right track. I suspect that its the parents who do not seek out opportunities to listen and learn about parenting that are actually the very ones that need to be there. Your message is so powerful and of such vital importance but I don't know how to get it out there. I talk to everyone I can about what you shared the other evening. I hope that will make a difference for them and their children.
Thanks Melissa.

Aprille McMahon



Dear Melissa
Thank you for a fantastic hour and a half of pure wisdom last night. It was my first time listening to you. I as a mum learned so much to become a better parent - the little things that we overlook in our daily lives. Your approach is so in line with our belief system as a family - compassion, integrity, honestly, tolerance and 'dressing and speaking with class' to name a few.

Hani Fernando




Thank you very much for the fantastic evening. The information that you have presented on resilience was absolutely brilliant! The examples you used to make the point were so real and the way you spoke was very powerful. We are trying to make further changes to our daily routine based on what we heard that night.


Elina Reddy