Melbourne, 8 April 2020, 6:28 pm

School Holiday Program

See what parents and students are saying about us:


“The Holiday Program Masterclass was our first experience with the Longford and Fraser program and we were very impressed with the impact even 3 days can make. Christopher was quite anxious about attending the program, not knowing what to expect but by the second day, it was such a pleasure to see his enthusiasm. As parents, it's great to have available such a fun, dynamic program aimed at boys which reinforces the values we try to teach them at home. For Christopher, we believe that even at the age of 9 he appreciated the warm, positive environment of peers and that he even understood the value of the messages being taught. We were impressed, on talking to him, how much he picked up from the program every day. Thank you for the detailed notes relating to the topics discussed in the class and we certainly look forward to re- enrolling Christopher in the program in some capacity again in the future.

Rikki Alexopoulos, mother of Christopher, aged 9, Ripponlea Primary School



Thank you so much for the last 3 days. Dylan had an absolute ball and came home learning so much! He was so excited to show us everything he had learnt, not just leadership skills but knowledge on current affairs and global issues as well. He learnt more with you in the last three days than he has in a whole year of school. We will do our utmost to continue on with everything you have taught us and hopefully Dylan will one day be a leader. We are so appreciative and grateful of your help and hard work with our son.

Rachel Lang, mum of Dylan, Auburn South Primary School



I just wanted to express my gratitude. You cannot imagine the impact that you have had on Lucas and how highly he speaks of you. We feel so lucky to have found you and experience your magic! Your charisma and love for your profession is wonderful Melissa! Thank you so much for being such an amazing role model for our kids. Amazing life lessons you have thought our children while having so much fun!

Gina Espinosa, mother of Lucas, aged 11, Deepdene PS



“Nicholas and Maverick attended the April Masterclass School Holiday Program

Nicholas – yummy food especially the caramel and chocolate themes, fun games, good prizes, enjoyed learning that however bad life can be, we still have loads of things to be grateful for.
Maverick – delicious food, interesting games especially marbles, found it intriguing to learn the traits of a liar.
I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of our boys having someone outside our family teaching them life and personal skills which are taught at home. They came home feeling more attached to many notions covered. It seems to have a more powerful impact when others outside family members teach your children.
Thank you for the energy you put into the class for the 3 days. Maverick actually came away asking if he could join the next boys’ class!!

Margie Matheson, mum of Nicholas, 11 and Maverick, 9, Koonwarra Village School near Leongatha



Allow me to write a short thank you note for the dedication and commitment you obviously strive for and deliver, during the days that our son attended your masterclass program. He was so eager to attend each morning and even more eager to teach his siblings some of the lessons he learnt in your class.

The content of your teaching was educative, empowering and inspiring. His language and attitude has had such an amazing positive shift (and for a boy that is already positive – it is remarkable to see). We have been so impressed that we would like to bring him again next year – for a continued educative experience.

(name withheld, Sydney)



“Evan enjoyed his LONGFORD & FRASER Masterclass School Holiday Program. He came home each day with news of what he had learnt and felt confident he would be able to apply what he had learnt on a day-to-day basis both in and out of school, and for the future as well.  He also enjoyed the food very much.

Kerrie Mazur, mother of Evan, 13, Mentone Grammar



“The holiday program was lovely, full of fun activities and good times, not to mention the AWESOME food. There were a lot of things to learn in the few days provided but the one thing that stood out would have had to be how to choose good friends and how to deal with difficult people. 
Thank you we all had a great time.

Benjamin Robertson, almost 14, Mordialloc Secondary College



After the April School Holiday Program we heard from brothers:

Jared, aged 7
I liked the 3-day program because I met new friends, learnt to play marbles. I know now how to speak louder with confidence. And from YouTube I learnt there are a lot of people with many difficult situations that are strong to enjoy every day. So now I know that I am the one to make sure I am the very best I can be.

Riley, aged 9
I learnt how to spot a bully and stand up for myself and what is right and true. I also know not to be a sheep and to do things my own way.

I liked meeting new people, and playing games. I learnt a lot from other people’s experiences and that no matter how hard things are, if I think of ways to solve the problem, the rest is easy.

Riley and Jared attend Mentone Primary School



Lachlan met a great group of boys during his three days of Longford & Fraser Masterclass School Holiday Program.
The food and catering was delicious.  The theme ideas were a great idea.
A very comprehensive range of topics covered and great to get a copy of class topics covered sent home.
The most enjoyable part was meeting all the new kids and playing the games with everyone. My favourite was the marble rolling. Thank you very much Miss Anderson for teaching me, giving advice and giving me the opportunity to become a better leader.
My younger son is looking forward to his turn in a couple of years.
Thanks again Melissa.

Wendy Davis,  Lachlan's mum, Mentone Park PS, aged 11



Tom really enjoyed the holiday program and told us quite a few things about it which is great as he has always been a quiet soul, I think that he has elevated the ladies who did the cooking to somewhere near angels!! He has also been in a noticeably wonderful mood; we are so pleased he attended.

Michelle Birks, mum of Tom, aged 8, Elsternwick PS



Thank you for taking Charlie through the holiday program last week. Charlie has delighted us with his recounts of the exercises he did, in particular how he should respond to bullies and how to say “no” without offending someone, as well as the five star hand shake. When he got in the car the other day, he said, “Mum, I think this course is going to be really good for me”. I do too.

Sam, mother of Charlie, aged 9, Carey



Luke really loved the holiday program 2013 and has rated it 10 / 10. We have already seen a change in his confidence and resilience.  He is a quiet caring boy and is sharing his experience by encouraging his younger brother with some ideas and attitudes that he has gained from being at Longford & Fraser. He told us that he has learned how to be a "better person".  He enjoyed the videos and role-playing, which he found really helpful in understanding the topics discussed.  We will definitely be sending our younger son next year, as I believe that children can only gain enormous benefit from this program. We are so glad that our friend told us about Longford & Fraser.  Thank you Melissa - you showed such kindness and respect towards our son.  He also loved to share all the details of the wonderful food he was given each day. !!!

Dana, Mother of Luke aged 8



Aden got a lot from your Longford and Fraser program and loved going in every day.  He has since said that he will use much of the information in his life ahead. He has spoken specifically about how he will find good people in his life and how to handle bad situations assertively. Thank you so much for this opportunity, most importantly he had great fun in learning all these important skills.

Shari Maver, parent of Aden, 10 Bellbrae Primary School