Melbourne, 8 April 2020, 6:20 pm

Standard programs age 7 – 10 and 11 – 14

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Both Sam and Stella are absolutely loving their respective classes with you and I feel that both of them view that weekly time as a highlight of their week.   Thank you again and we look forward to seeing their continued development as the term progresses.  I simply cannot recommend your program highly enough to other parents, as for us, it provides that external reinforcement of core values that we see as being so fundamental in life.   

Amy Nedkoff, Sam and Stella Herman’s mum, Brighton Beach PS




Matthew has enjoyed your course SO much! It has been the highlight of his week, every week. We are so grateful to you for all that you have taught Matthew. Your lessons have given Matthew confidence, prompted him to think critically, and happiness. On his school leadership application he wrote about how he was recently able to resist peer pressure to do the wrong thing. When I asked him about it, he told me that you had taught him these skills. We really appreciate the value of what you teach.

Kate, mum of Matthew, aged 13, Mentone Grammar




I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you & commend you for the amazing experience that the boys take out of your course. Aaron has thoroughly enjoyed every lesson he attended. You are doing an incredible job for all the young men lucky enough to attending your course and I commend you on the effort & the time, commitment as well as your boundless faith you exert in engaging the boys and bringing out true gentlemen & leaders in them. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your belief in humanity & positive input into the men of our future existence.

Nancy Lipengold, mother of Aaron, aged 12, Caulfield South PS




The biggest gift of all is the tools for life that Ben has been given at Longford and Fraser.   The lessons the boys learn on a weekly basis are simply priceless.   It is a totally unique course - where can young boys learn about being truly fine people and good men? Where can they talk about life issues they confront?  Our whole family benefited from reading and discussing the weekly lesson summary handed out each week. It must be an amazing feeling to know how much of a contribution you both make to the lives of so many people.     We have noticed a huge "step up" in Ben's attitude, manners and behaviour since he began at Longford and Fraser.  It's been a great year for him.  Stepping back to let me through the door first, thanking me for a's heartwarming.  Many thanks again for everything.

Anne, mother of Ben, aged 10, Gardenvale PS




We can't thank you enough for all you have done for James. We are absolutely thrilled that he won the speech and behavioural award of excellence. James was very excited to open the box and diligently waited until he got home to open it. He also said 'It doesn't matter what is inside, I have persevered and that is what is important.' These are the things we have noticed since James has started L&F:

• he asks what I have done on my days off, 'How was your day mum?'

• he wrote and snuck a note in my lunchbox that said 'I love you mum'

• he says 'sure' and 'yes' and goes ahead and does what is asked of him

• he thanked me for taking him to the dr when he wasn't well

• he diligently does his daily chores

• when we are not well he asks how we are feeling

• he wants to know what we are talking about and truly cares when he knows we are worried about things

• he cares and asks how our day was

• generally a more positive attitude and a higher self-esteem

• a maturity and understanding and caring about others

• his attention to detail and wanting to do the right thing or act the right way is impressive

• he is learning from his mistakes rather than getting upset with himself, and he's able to find a solution

Many thanks again and enjoy a well deserved rest and wonderful Christmas,

Brigid & Dean Pennington, parents of James who attends Sandringham PS




I still remember the conversation I had with Luka just before he commenced with L&F about how much he did not like himself, as he was 'too different' from other boys in his class; he told me that if he wished hard enough he would turn himself into someone was heart breaking to hear it and to see how much pain he was in....and now - he is a different boy; happy, confident, assertive with a wicked sense of humour and healthy self-esteem; he genuinely thinks himself a great kid and has wonderful friends and great time at his new school. I sincerely believe that it wouldn't have happened without you and Longford and Fraser!

Thanks again,
Beata Amico, mother of Luka, aged 13, Albert Park College





In his graduation speech after four terms, Caleb wrote:

The last twelve months have been amazing, from the start to the finish. How did it feel in class, was it like school? No, it was extremely enjoyable and fun. I have learnt so many things along the way, I’ve learnt about chivalry when you walk on the road side of the footpath and let the girl walk closer to the buildings and houses, or simple things like pulling out a chair for them or letting them walk through the door first. I have learnt about constructive criticism where you start with the positives then end with the feedback. I’ve learned about the five-star handshake. When a person tries to handshake you while you're sitting down you should stand up first, always have your foot out to the opposite person's foot and always have eye contact. How to not fidget while on stage talking or reading a speech. And showing appreciation for the things we have like, water, food, a home, education and living in a safe country. And for this I thank Miss Anderson helping me become who I am today and making me a better person than was the year before. At the start I was very shy and not confident at all but now I am a lion not a sheep. I’d also like to thank my peers for encouraging me in class and for making the class fun and enjoyable. And last but not least, I’d like to thank my parents for driving me and sending me to Longford and Fraser where I have learnt these great things. These are some things I will truly use all throughout my life, thank you very much, and good night.

Caleb Jarcevic, aged 13, Bentleigh Secondary College





Thank you - once again - for a fabulous term for Matias at Longford & Fraser. It was great to see him face his fears and act courageously on Monday. We truly appreciate having a space where many of our family values and ideals are reinforced with positive and original activities working with you and also with peers outside of his friendship ('comfort') group. Ana Mantilla, mum of Matias Florez, Brighton Primary School

Ana Mantilla, mum of Matias Florez, Brighton Primary School





In his graduation speech after four terms, Ethan wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to this term's, and my final graduation ceremony at the Longford and Fraser Academy for boys. I must first thank my parents for the wonderful opportunity to attend, and their logistical support in this endeavour. Although I have not always put into practice the dark arts learned here, I am truly grateful for this investment. Miss Anderson, your guidance and tutelage would make Mr Longford and Mr Fraser extremely proud. In particular, you have taught me social graces, inner strength and the skills to lead. Not mention which fork I use to eat oysters, should I ever feel such a ridiculous urge. The experience of these past 4 terms at our Academy would not have been the same without my esteemed classmates. Thank you, both present and past students, for creating an enjoyable and, at times competitive, fun environment. I hope that each of you enjoys the same growth I have. Our Monday evenings have been filled with excitement and anticipation. It has never been a chore, as I have sometimes felt about homework, and that is testament to Miss Anderson. Her approach has been inclusive, thoughtful and educational. We learned through role play and games, like the NATO phonetic alphabet game, which I particularly enjoyed. These lessons added to the relaxed formality expected of us and the respectful nature in which we boisterous louts learned to conduct ourselves. Many of the lessons Miss Anderson has taught us have resonated with me for various reasons. Perhaps my favourite lesson was learning how to say no politely because saying “no” is something I seem to be doing a lot of. However, it was discovering the “WIN” formula that has had a powerful impact on me. It has taught me how to be affirmative in telling others their actions have hurt me by saying “When you.. I felt.. Next time. In thinking about my time at the Academy, I considered what I had gained. And it was a lot. I have become more knowledgeable about what kind of person I would like to be and I understand the importance of conducting myself with dignity and respect. This is particularly true at school, where I learned to deal transition to year 7. Miss Anderson has given us life lessons that I can already see will be used over and over again. I take with me the "secret sauce" of appearing to listen, and will forever remember the laughter and respect we had for each other in each lesson. Once again, I would like to thank you all for attending tonight, my classmates, parents and most graciously, Miss Anderson.

- Ethan Rosens, aged almost 13



In his graduation speech after four terms, Corey wrote:

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I am going to tell you about my journey. I would first like to thank my parents for letting me go to Longford and Fraser. This is what I am going to take with me from Longford and Fraser for the rest of my life 1. When a bully is bullying you - just laugh   2. If your friend is saying “come and smoke with me” - say no even if they say I won’t be friends with you    3. don’t be a sheep be a lion because a sheep follows other sheep and a lion doesn’t follow another lion  -  it leads

Miss Anderson has taught me so much I can't thank her enough for this. And I really enjoyed every lesson I had. I would also like to thank my classmates especially Harley for being nice friends to me and I will never forget you all. Good evening and good night. "

Corey Rotstein, aged 8, King David



“Ben, as the student, and we as his parents found the Junior Ph.D. of Leadership program was a terrific out of school, out of home program that identified and reinforced desirable personal values, and developed leadership character traits of fairness, firmness, self-confidence, and trust and integrity.  Ben’s personal growth over the year of the program was most notable in a positive step change in taking more responsibility and developing more self-confidence.  We found “chatting” through the notes outside of class helped to affirm the program and we were really pleased about the level of understanding of the issues most boys in this age bracket often struggle with which were role played in the classroom.  Well done Melissa, this program really is a must for our boys who are, without doubt, our future.

Gavin Coote, father of Ben, aged 10, Sandringham Primary School



As parents, we all talk to each other and when asked by close friends, "What is the best extracurricular activity your child has ever participated in?"  Longford and Fraser is proudly announced!!!!   Thank you again for all your influence!    

Mother of a student at St Kevin’s, Ormond (Name withheld)




The other day, quite unprompted, Luca told me:   “I used to muck around a bit at school” Me: "And you don’t anymore” Him “No” Me “What do you think has changed?” Him “Longford and Fraser” Quote!   

Gail Virgona, mum of Luca, aged 10, Newport Lakes PS




Henry completed the entire curriculum (four terms) in Term 3, 2017. In his graduation speech he said:

"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. In the past year I have been lucky enough to attend Longford and Fraser leadership academy for boys every week, over the course I have learnt many things about leadership and being a gentleman. The knowledge I will take with me for the rest of my life is the assertive formula which is, stating the positive first and then giving the feedback. This is a good communication strategy. The most powerful lesson was when we saw a video of a man called Jack Ma. Jack applied for 30 different jobs and didn’t get a single one. He applied for a job at KFC. 24 people applied and 23 got the job, he missed out. He applied 10 times for Harvard University and wasn’t accepted. But now he is the richest man in China. The moral is to never give up. The lesson I will always remember is when we learnt the W.I.N formula which is "when you, I felt, next time". This strategy is good for telling people when they have hurt you and what they can do better for next time. This is a clear feedback strategy. I would like to thank my peers for making each lesson fun and enjoyable. Thankyou for listening, good evening and goodnight."

Henry, aged 12



Ethan completed the entire curriculum. After four terms in our class this was his graduation speech:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It has been one year since I started the Longford and Fraser program. Miss Anderson has taught me so many life skills and has given me the courage to be a "Lion". A "Lion" is someone who thinks for themselves and makes wise and courageous decisions, this helped me to make the decision to change schools. The opposite of a Lion is a Sheep, who cares too much about the approval of others, and copies what other people do, like taking drugs. Another thing Miss Anderson has taught me is to always find the good in the bad, “the diamond in the dumpster", "the blessing in the bummer. Miss Anderson also taught me to NEVER play the victim. I will now tell you two quotes. "If it is to be, it is up to me“ by Tommy Hafey. This means if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. The other quote is "If you want to soar with the Eagles, don’t mix with the Turkeys”. This means if you want to make your own choices and be successful, don’t mix with the shady people who take drugs. And lastly two things that will help me at my new school: The five star handshake (look in the eye, lead foot, comment, smile, and make sure your thumb is tight), and chivalry (kindness to girls). I would like to thank my mum for sending me to this fantastic academy and to my friends who have made me laugh and made the whole experience the best I could have imagined. And especially to Miss Anderson who has been an inspiration and a wonderful teacher. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Good evening and goodnight.

Ethan Sinclair, Sandringham College, Year 8



We are very thankful that you created this wonderful program and that you put so much effort into every class. As you can see Beau has grown from that very quiet, shy boy into a more confident proud young man.   Again thank you and we wish you ongoing success.  Tracey and Brad, parents of Beau Scharenguivel, St Bedes, Year 9

Tracey and Brad, parents of Beau Scharenguivel, St Bedes, Year 9



Lucas completed the entire curriculum after four terms in our class. This was his graduation speech:

"Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.

It has been an honour to be in Miss Anderson’s class at Longford & Fraser over the past 12 months.

Miss Anderson has taught me so much about resilience, self control and how to deal with bullies.  She has also taught me not to be an aggressive crocodile or a passive doormat, but instead to be an assertive hero.  I am also a lot more confident when public speaking and since attending Longford & Fraser have volunteered at school to talk in assembly, and in front of my class.  Something I would have struggled with before.

Each week my parents would ask me about the class I attended, and what I had learnt.  I would talk to them about the inspiring videos and Miss Anderson’s interesting stories.  I always went home feeling like I had learn’t a new lesson, and ways to assist me when dealing with difficult situations.  The games we played were also fun and informative.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents and the students sitting behind me.  Sending me to Longford & Fraser is one of the greatest things my parents have done for me.  I am grateful for the opportunity and their constant support.   I will also miss the boys behind me.  They have been extremely encouraging and friendly.  My wish is that they get as much out of this experience as I have.

Good evening and good night."

Lucas Gualano, aged 12, Stella Maris PS



“I am not sure where to start to tell you just what a difference the Longford and Fraser Leadership Course has made to our son, Sam. As you know, he was a little nervous when he first commenced the course, not knowing what to expect. However, when he arrived home after the first session, he couldn't stop talking about what he had learnt.

For Sam, this course was brilliant! Not only did he learn about the qualities of leadership, he was able to apply them. He loved the fun approach to learning and how all the students worked together, respecting each others' views and opinions.

Melissa, we can't thank you enough. Your professionalism, care and belief made the term a rewarding and memorable experience for Sam. Sam is looking forward to his next term at Longford and Fraser and his love of the course has spilled over to his sister, who has enrolled next term. In fact, the whole family has learnt much from Sam's positive attitude and expressions.

Ann and Ian Patterson, parents of Sam, aged 11, Brighton Beach Primary




Oliver Wade completed all four terms at LONGFORD & FRASER: "When I started at Longford and Fraser I felt nervous. I thought it would be horrid, however it was actually the opposite. I made a lot of new friends who helped me along the way. My favourite game was the self-control game, I liked how Miss Anderson put on the screaming goats to try to make us laugh. I liked learning about chivalry and that it’s polite for the boy to walk on the road side because if it’s raining and a car comes past the man would get splashed not the girl. And also I learnt that it is polite to open the door for the girl. Considering I have three sisters, I’m going to get a lot of practice on that one. Now I would like to say thank you to my parents for giving me this opportunity and also for driving me here each week. I would like to thank Miss Anderson for teaching me the five-star hand shake and how to say no politely. Miss Anderson also taught me how to save someone who got electrocuted and how to stand up to bullies. Thank you, Miss Anderson, for everything you have taught me. I would also like to thank my peers for being the best team mates I have ever had. Now for the last time, I would like to say, good evening and goodnight."

Oliver Wade, aged 10



“Hi, I’m Luke, and I have been at Longford and Fraser for 4 terms now, and would just like to say a few words.

At Longford and Fraser, I have learnt numerous things. I have learnt how to withstand peer pressure, good sportsmanship, not to say ‘um’, how to spot out a lie, how to say ‘no’ and many things that you will need to know to get a job, how to give feedback nicely, how to greet someone that you have never met before and just being friendly.

But Longford and Fraser isn’t just for putting you into shape. There is also a time to let loose and not be serious. It is also a chance to know some good kids and expand your friendship circle and the first day I came in, I saw a safe environment, I saw leaders of the future, I saw somewhere I could be myself, because at Longford and Fraser, you can’t be put down.

The reason all this could be possible is because of our teacher, Ms Anderson. She has been a wonderful mentor and inspiration to all of us to show us what we would achieve, to show us what we would become.

Because of Longford and Fraser I have joined the leadership committee at our school, started a band and got into St Kevin’s. I’m not sure if I would have the courage to do these things if I did not go to Longford and Fraser.

This is my last speech for Longford and Fraser, and I wish you a good evening.

Luke Valente, almost 12, Grade 6, Brighton PS



“Our son Patrick has really enjoyed his first term at Longford and Fraser Leadership Academy. Self-confidence, good manners and appropriate behaviour in all social and school situations are reinforced at the Longford and Fraser course. The programmeis taught in a fast-paced and fun way that appeals to Patrick's age-group, and incorporates material that is current and relevant. The group discussions provide him with a broader perspective of the world and how to operate within it. Each week he comes home full of enthusiasm to try out his new skills. Thank you Melissa!

Robyn Brett, mother of Patrick, aged 12, McKinnon Primary School



“Brody completed the entire curriculum at LONGFORD & FRASER (four terms) and at graduation he spoke these words:

"I would like to thank my mum and dad for letting me attend LONGFORD & FRASER, it has been great. I am sad it has finished.

I would also like to thank Miss Anderson for teaching me LONGFORD & FRASER skills.

I have learnt Respect and Responsibility and other things. She has been a really fun teacher. I hope to come back to LONGFORD & FRASER in the older class when I am old enough.

I would like to thank my fellow classmates for helping me get through LONGFORD & FRASER, they have helped me a lot. I hope I will see them somewhere again.

Thank you for listening and good afternoon."

Brody Worrell, aged 8, Brighton Beach PS



Jeremy completed the entire curriculum (four terms) and at his graduation he spoke these words:

Good afternoon everyone and thank you all for coming. Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for sending me to Longford & Fraser for 32 weeks over the last year. My initial hesitations have turned around to become sincere gratitude and enjoyment of this course. Secondly, I want to thank Miss Buckley very much for teaching me so many new life skills and values which I can use through my life journey. I think she is fun, respectful and worthy of admiration. I particularly like the skills I learnt of "fogging", how to choose good friends & persistence. I love being an assertive hero, am more confident to speak in front of an audience, and I say "sure" and "yes" more often than I used to. I have also learnt some important values highlighted by some of the quotes we have discussed over the year. 1/ "if you want to soar with the Eagles do not mix with the turkeys" - which means that if you want to be a leader then don't hang out with the losers! Choose your friends wisely and don't be a follower of mischief! 2/ Yoda's quote "do or do not, there is no try" - This means to just do it, trying half-hearted is not good enough. Just trying without giving it your all is pointless.You must commit to something fully to succeed. "No try" doesn't mean don't attempt things, it just means do it with persistence and conviction or not at all. 3/ " if it is to be, it is up to me" As I am aspiring to play professional sport, this quote by Tommy Hafey is one of my favourites. I am in charge of my future and I have the skills and determination to get where I want to be. Finally, I would like to thank my peers of present and past for making all the terms so enjoyable. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful holiday.

Jeremy Rodda, Beaumaris North PS, aged 10



“I think my son Michael has increased hugely in confidence and has improved his social skills but most importantly he has begun to recognise his worth.  When he started he had no aspirations as his self-esteem was so low and so I would have to say what you have given him is the precious gift of inspiring him to aspire. For which I am very grateful. Thank you

Bron Gallagher, mum of Michael, aged 12, Stella Maris PS, Beaumaris



Michael has just completed the entire four terms of curriculum. This was his graduation speech:

My name is Michael Armstrong.
Thank you to all of you for being here today.

My special thanks goes out to firstly my parents for allowing me to come to Longford & Fraser.
Secondly, Miss Anderson for her positive attitude & brilliant teaching ability
and lastly to my fellow students for their ongoing support.

Longford & Fraser has been a wonderful learning experience for me.
I have learnt great social skills which have given me strength and control of my emotions that I didn't have before. I am more resilient when I'm under stress. This has given me an advantage over others in my age group with my ability to take the lead and be confident.

I will always strive to maintain these skills and I'm sure I will see my peers in their leadership roles down the track; maybe beside me in the Lodge & in Parliament House. Remember to vote for me when you see my name come up for election.
Thank you & good evening.

Michael Armstrong, age 12, Glen Eira SC



“Luis joined Longford & Fraser at the beginning of Term 2. We have found the course to be fantastic with Luis keen to attend each week. The weekly Lesson Summary which is distributed to Luis at the end of class gives me an insightful view of what the kids are doing each week. This also helps me to discuss with Luis what he has found beneficial from each class.

I would highly recommend Longford & Fraser to help boost confidence in young men in preparation for the difficult teenage years to come.

Thanks Melissa for your input with Luis.

Mark Calleja, father of Luis, aged 11, Beaumaris North Primary School



“My son, Valentino, has transformed from being a young boy to a young man with the life skills I could have only dreamed of. He used to be shy and nervous of meeting new people; now he is happy to step up proudly, shake their hands and confidently hold a genuine conversation. His thinking has progressed to wanting a career in IT, when previously it was all about his Xbox games - considering he is only ten, we were amazed. He still loves his games however; he now has other life plans as well.

During his time at Longford & Fraser, Valentino has come home smiling, chatting about what it has been and what he has learnt during class. He is now more respectful and considers the grey areas in certain situations. He also considers the consequence before making a decision most of the time - he is still working on this.

Thank you so much for helping us turn his life around. He is a wonderful young man and with the help from Longford & Fraser Leadership Academy he now shows the world how much he respects himself.

We are truly grateful.

Ann-maree Cheung, mother of Valentino, aged 10, Cheltenham Primary School



“In only a few weeks Connor's enthusiasm for "doing the right thing" is amazing. The improvement in his general confidence and use of manners is remarkable. Connor's extra-curricular activities have always been sports-focused (and there's a lot of them!) - Longford & Fraser was exactly what he needed to balance it out. Thank you Melissa for sharing your knowledge and life skills.

Trina Hipwell, mother of Connor, aged 11, Brighton Beach Primary School



“Over the four school terms of 2011 that Max attended Longford and Fraser we have watched him grow and mature emotionally as he worked through the 4 programs with you and his class mates.  He is now more willing to consider, and be responsible for, his verbal responses and physical reactions, and he proudly self-assesses and shares this with us, even when he recognises he could have done better.  Melissa, your program is beautifully targeted at boys who need reinforcement and involvement and we thank you and congratulate you for developing Longford and Fraser.

We have been recommending Longford & Fraser, and by default The Shine Academy for Girls, without hesitation.  I thank you for your investment in our lovely boy.

Kirsty Blokker, mother of Max, aged 9, Brighton Primary School



“We would like to thank you for your support and kind training of Steven last year.

Since joining Longford & Fraser boy's academy Steven has improved on many grounds. His confidence has improved greatly. His communication skills are alot better and his social skills are very good now.

We had all positive reports from his teachers at the end of the school year.

We are very pleased with his progress.

Thank you again for support and excellent teaching.

Tanja and Dragan Stancic, parents of Steven, aged 9, Ormond Primary School



“Emile has enjoyed attending and learning at Longford & Fraser and I have been impressed by the maturing of his attitude regarding fairness, responsibility, honesty and respect.

Janette Dyall, mother of Emile, aged 12, Bentleigh West Primary School



Dean completed the entire curriculum (four terms) at LONGFORD & FRASER. This was his graduation speech in front of parents and families in the Hay Theatre:

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Longford and Fraser has been a life changing experience and has created memories that will stay with me forever.

In past two terms I’ve learnt lots about resilience. I’ve learnt how to deal with bullies, and how to be optimistic when faced with tough situations such as rejection and failure. 

I also learnt lots about leadership. For example, how to treat women with respect and the importance of good sportsmanship. Qualities of a good leader that I would like to show in the future are assertiveness, being fair, gratitude, self-respect and self-control.

And don’t forget Ms Anderson’s favourites: the 5 star handshake and speaking with a chest voice.

It’s been really fun learning this throughout the year and I’d like to thank all those people who made this possible.

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this wonderful learning opportunity.

Secondly, I would like to thank my peers for making this a fun and worthwhile experience. I was happy to make lots of friends along the way.

Finally, I would like to thank Ms Anderson for teaching me and supporting me throughout the year. I really appreciate your passion and knowledge, and for showing us through your own actions what a great leader should be.

Thank you." 

Dean Gerszonovicz, aged 12, Elsternwick PS



“Harrison really enjoyed the course & got so much out of it. We have seen him blossom through out this term with you.
He is so much more confident with his friends at school.
We have also noticed his great composure & maturity when we are out & about as a family.
Thank you so much!!!

Holly Davies, mum of Harrison, aged 8, Brighton PS



“Since attending the Longford and Fraser leadership classes for boys, James has been awakened to the values of a generous spirit and gentlemanly ways, through exciting and engaging class activities.  With the guidance of the programme, James is now enthusiastic about presenting himself to the world as best he can, benefiting both himself and others he contacts through every day life.  We highly recommend the Longford and Fraser Leadership Programme for any boy as part of their complete education.

Greg and Janelle Hunt, parents of James, aged 9, Bentleigh West Primary School



“Both my children suffer from social anxiety. Shine Academy and Longford and Fraser have been amazing for teaching them in a fun and relevant way how to handle social situations and how to feel better about themselves. When my daughter started at Shine, she could not get up in front of her class let alone a room full of strangers without completely falling apart and laughing hysterically. After one term she was able to give her end of term speech without so much as a giggle. Shine Academy and Longford make each child feel supported valued and worthwhile. Melissa also lets the children know in a kind caring yet firm and direct way how she expects them to behave and what the consequences of their choices will be. My son has gone from strength to strength, he is making more friends at school and is becoming more relaxed in social situations. Melissa should look to implementing her programme in schools - it would do the world of good for the youth of today who are subjected to images of perfection that no one can really live up to.

Tonya Gladstone, mother of Laura, 12, King David School and Charlie, 10, Geelong Grammar



“Daniel's term at Longford and Fraser was time well spent. Daniel clearly enjoyed the classes with Melissa and the other boys and was always keen to return each week. I was delighted when out recently to witness Daniel confidently introduce himself to new people in an unfamiliar environment. His strong handshake and excellent eye contact made my husband and I very proud! Thank you Melissa

Kate Harvey, mum of Daniel, aged 10, Sandringham East Primary School



“The simple politeness and niceties that we take for granted our son has learnt attending Longford and Fraser. Opening doors for people, shaking hands with confidence and speaking with interest to adults. It has been a pleasure to pick him up from his sessions. Thanks for your enthusiasm Melissa.

Anne-Maree Pollard
Mother of Thomas Laragy, aged 11, Stella Maris Primary School, Beaumaris



“When Aaron comes home from his weekly Longford and Fraser class we always discuss what he learnt that afternoon and he always has something interesting to share, whether it be about how to conduct yourself properly at the dinner table or about the proper way to shake hands and confidently introduce yourself to someone new. I think it is vital that our young men are reminded of these skills so they know that good manners are a very important part of their lives.

Leanne Adoe, mother of Aaron, aged 11, Bentleigh West Primary School



“I just wanted to let you know that Jack loves coming to what he calls his 'Leadership Club' and unlike most other extra curricular activities it isn't a struggle to getting him there, which is quite a relief.”

Steph Thornborrow, mother of Jack, aged 8, St Leonard’s College



“I was amazed when Harrison came home from school emotionally calm to say he had not been successful in being voted in as class rep. After the decision he then went up and shook the successful girl's hand congratulating her in her success. Well done Melissa, Harrison & Longford & Fraser Academy for boys! I look forward to catching the end of today’s class."

Vickie-Lee Rush, mother of Harrison, aged 9, Brighton Primary School



“Max has enjoyed the LONGFORD & FRASER classes and learnt alot of very valuable lessons for his life in the future.
I am amazed how well he spoke at the graduation.

Cecile Zinsstag, mother of Max, 9, Moorabbin Primary School



“Daniel looked forward to his session every week. He had a lot of fun while learning valuable lessons that will help him now and in the future. We are grateful that Daniel had the opportunity to participate in this course.

Elaine Overs, mother of Daniel, 11, Sandringham East Primary School



“Howard enjoys attending the class. He told me “I wish I can go to LONGFORD & FRASER every day. It is fun and I love it”
It is great to have my son enrolled in your class and thank for all your effort toward Howard. He learns good things and practises whenever he can.

Kim Vu, mother of Howard, aged 9, St Mark’s Primary School, Dingley



“We were delighted with the impactful teaching methods, encouraging our son's understanding and development of core values. It is clear his resilience and self-awareness has been strengthened by the Longford and Fraser course. These are learnings for life.

Robin Coleman, mother of Gus, aged 10, Beaumaris Primary School



“Thank you so much for providing Kareem with the opportunity to attend your program. We certainly noticed some very positive changes in his outlook and his enthusiasm in attending is reflective of the support you and the other participants provided. We would have no hesitation in recommending your course and wish you continuing success. Thanks again.

Matt Herbert, step-parent of Kareem, aged 11, Bentleigh West Primary School



“Markus has thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Longford & Fraser Leadership courses so far this year and he really looks forward to each and every class. We are amazed and impressed at the way he quietly uses the skills he has acquired, and realise what great value they will add to his future personal life and career. He has also gained in confidence and has higher expectations of what he is capable of achieving, whilst not becoming arrogant or over-confident. Thank you Melissa, by teaching these boys strong values - you are making the world a better place for us all!

Wendy Spindler, mother of Markus, aged 14, De La Salle College



“When I first came to Longford and Fraser, Miss Anderson gave me an envelope with $100 in play money which was used for not saying um, ah, well etc. Some of the skills I have learnt are never be pressured into doing something, how to be a leader and to be yourself.

I have made great friends and hope these are lifelong friendships, and my peers have helped me through this leadership course. At school there have been times where I used my knowledge that I learnt at Longford, to get me through tough decisions and situations. I have really enjoyed my four terms at Longford and will miss coming here.

Alex G, aged 12, Hampton PS



Christopher completed the entire curriculum. This is his graduation speech:

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

I have really enjoyed the four terms at Longford and Fraser.

First of all I would like to thank Miss Anderson for all the skills she taught me, especially how to stand up to bullies and how to behave well.

Next I would like to thank my mum, dad and brother Tommy for driving me to Longford and Fraser every Monday for a whole year, and for cooking me dinner beforehand so I wasn’t hungry at Longford and Fraser class.

I would also like to thank my classmates for being patient when I was speaking in class and for making the class a lot of fun.

At Longford and Fraser I learned a lot of things. I learned how to choose good friends wisely. I also learned how to say NO the good way and how to be assertive.

I liked everything in the course, especially playing all the games. My favourite game was the self-control game, where you had to stare at your partner’s eyes for 40 seconds without smiling. I was really good at this game. I also found interesting all the questions that Miss Anderson asked the class.

I feel sad that Longford and Fraser is finished and I hope I can come back when I am older.

Christopher Burton, aged 8, St Michael’s Grammar




When I was in kindergarten, I was a confident and an amazing child. But after I was bullied in primary school, I became scared. Very scared. Scared to do anything. I became very quiet. Luckily, I was able to change school and over time I built up my confidence, but I was still somewhat afraid of giving an opinion. Now, with the help of Longford and Fraser, I am able to be a leader once again. My general knowledge now covers a wider range of topics, and I have learnt to be aware of current events and to be more observant. My common sense levels are higher, and the box of rocks in my head has been squashed at the back by a common sensical brain. Throughout my time here, I also learnt to reduce the use of “ums” and “ahs” without using the Rubber Band Technique, which is to use a rubber band to flick yourself every time you say “um”. Good afternoon everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for spending more than 3 hours every week driving me here all the way from Balwyn, then waiting for my lesson to finish before driving me home. The class atmosphere was the best compared to any other class I have experienced, in and out of school, because nobody gets angry and everyone is honest. I loved playing Kim Jong Un is a Dictator, the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, and the True and False Game. The most powerful lesson for me was learning to control my anger. Anger comes from being hurt, and if you can find out how and why you are hurt, you can stop feeling angry. The knowledge I will take with me for the rest of my life is to use the Daily Acts of Chivalry chart, to be aware of pickpocketers and to speak in a chest voice at all times. Thank you to my friends for supporting me along my journey. I cannot imagine what it would be like if none of you were here and this was a one on one private tutoring course; which is obviously quite boring because you win all the chocolates and you have to play against Miss Anderson in the True and False game, spotting mistakes in videos, which she would always win because she knows all of the answers. The only game I would have a chance to win would be marbles, because the floor is very bumpy. I used to be unable to say no to anyone, and I felt that turning someone down was difficult and rude. During my time here, I learnt to reject people politely in role-play, and it was especially fun to reject the dodgy girl in role-play who offered drugs named Charlotte. (Miss Anderson just keeps using the name a lot). Thank you to Miss Anderson for allowing me to fill the entire whiteboard with my drawings. I will miss Longford and Fraser very much, and it will always have a place in my heart. Thank you and good night.

Ashton Tan, Age 12, Balwyn Primary School