Melbourne, 27 May 2020, 3:05 am

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- Developing self-discipline, becoming a People Magnet, respect for authority, good manners, humility, self-respect, social and emotional intelligence, respecting and understanding women, integrity, mateship (making friends and keeping them), cultivating gratitude, good sportsmanship


- Developing conflict resolution skills, confident communication, self-awareness, decency, the value of patience, the skill of consultation, how to listen and engage with people, the value of apologising, basic public-speaking skills, generosity of spirit, forgiveness, flexibility of thought, humble extroversion

- Developing courage, emotional and social resilience, assertiveness, strength of character to handle life's challenges, independence, bullyproofing, choosing friends wisely, acting with self-respect, the foundations of self-esteem and self-confidence


- Developing self-belief and self-reliance, the skill of assuming positive intent, resisting peer pressure, advanced skill development to handle rejection, criticism and failure, the ability to delay gratification, tolerating diversity, thinking for yourself, developing a strong sense of self

Known as the LONGFORD & FRASER Masterclass Program
APRIL School Holidays only

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