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Why a leadership academy for boys?

Children today are faced with unique challenges and pressures. Developing skills such as resilience, the ability to resist peer pressure, good communication skills, self-respect, a healthy confidence, a high frustration tolerance, critical thinking skills, good sportsmanship, self-discipline and assertiveness in order to handle these challenges..........will make our sons' path through life easier and lays the foundation for excellence and success.

The LONGFORD & FRASER Leadership Academy for Boys offer programs for boys aged 5 - 14 providing a new and much-needed emphasis on the rigorous learning of emotional and social skills, also known as emotional and social intelligence (EQ & SQ). Our programs also seek to sow the seeds of adaptability/adversity intelligence (AQ), a critical skill in our rapidly changing world.



Our sister school SHINE Academy for Girls offers programs for girls aged  5 - 14.



There is no chronological order to the curriculum. Each term is independent and discrete. Boys can start in any term and make their way through the challenging and fun programs.


The boys of today need to be emotionally and socially skilled. They are going to be the husbands, the partners, the managers, the community and business leaders of the future. Society now realises that whilst IQ and marks at school are important, it is our ability to relate, empathise, engage, behave, take prompt personal responsibility, prioritise challenging tasks first, and communicate effectively with others that determines our ultimate success in life. We call this set of skills: emotional (EQ) and social (SQ) intelligence. The boys of today also need to be flexible and prepared to adapt to new situations and innovate with fresh ideas to handle and triumph over change. We call this set of skills adaptability/adversity intelligence (AQ).




A narrow focus on academic excellence does not develop the sort of emotional and social intelligence required for leadership - skills such as the ability to recover from setbacks, taking calculated risks, powerful body language, innovative thinking, self-restraint under stress, emotional resilience, authenticity and an unswerving commitment to ethical decision-making and integrity.



Parents, families, schools and communities are doing a wonderful job in developing these skills. But we can do more.


Our programs develop core values and skills including humility, courage, decency, respect for women, the ability to resist peer pressure, grit, assertiveness, generosity of spirit, moral and ethical transparency, mateship (making friends and keeping them), commitment to your word, self-discipline and respect for discipline, the criticality of aiming for excellence in this competitive world, mental toughness and telling the truth.


Our programs foster the qualities of leadership including self-discipline, respect for authority, good manners, self-respect, social and emotional intelligence, moral intelligence, confident communication and strength of character. Our graduates understand that the really hard stuff is the emotional stuff, often pushed away or discounted as unimportant.



Our curriculum is also underpinned by a belief in "positive psychology" - a relatively new branch of psychology that shifts the focus from what is clinically wrong, to "the promotion of wellbeing and the creation of a satisfying life lived with meaning, purpose, positive relationships and goal accomplishment".



The curriculum is designed to provide practical, hands-on training through peer review, discussions, role-play, multi-media analysis, case studies, experiential activities, competitions, games, self-assessment and structured class exercises.


The LONGFORD & FRASER Academy for Boys classroom is a positive, encouraging and challenging environment conducive to learning and growing. The 32 - 34 exercises covered each class involve competition, risk and learning disguised as sheer fun. We do not allow cliques to form. We work as a team, always.


Sometimes all children need is a safe, third-person environment to reiterate what parents have already been trying to teach them. The tutors, Melissa Anderson and Julia Hall, create a class atmosphere that is warm, appreciative, challenging, engaging and inspiring.


We don't do labels - preferring to focus on a child's strengths and, after building rapport, gently and diplomatically address areas for development.



We are all atypical to some degree and putting students in boxes stigmatises and limits possibilities.



Many of our students will be high achievers who are looking for that extra edge in an already competitive world. Many of our students show early signs of leadership qualities and we will work to develop and improve those skills even further.



The LONGFORD & FRASER programs may assist a home-schooled child to develop the skills to handle competition in life, gain new perspectives, interact with a wide demographic of their peers and further hone their emotional and social skill development.



At the conclusion of each term, the boys participate in a graduation ceremony to which their parents are invited.




Course succession and advantages of completing all programs:

Graduation Night:

  • ONE Program completed: Junior Diploma of Leadership (7-10 years) and (11-14 years)
  • TWO Programs completed: Junior Bachelor of Leadership (7-10 years) and (11-14 years)
  • THREE Programs completed: Junior Masters of Leadership (7-10 years) and (11-14 years)
  • FOUR Programs completed: Junior Ph.D of Leadership (7-10 years) and (11-14 years)

The LONGFORD & FRASER Academy for Boys programs are an investment in your son's future.

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